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This is the official website for the Joint DTP Conference. This event brings together PhD students, supervisors, and researchers from the London NERC DTP, the SCENARIO DTP, and the Imperial College London SSCP DTP, along with external partners, to explore and celebrate all your fascinating research. We urge and encourage all of you to engage in this conference and connect with a growing network of early career researchers. This year’s theme is

Earth and Beyond: Communicating Science for our Environment 

About this theme:

This theme considers all aspects of environmental sciences: the evolution of planet Earth, the ongoing changes in our environment now, the ways in which we can build a sustainable future, and even the exploration of extraterrestrial environments. This research is crucial in not just answering complex questions about life on Earth as we know it, but in building a habitable future. This conference showcases the cutting-edge research happening within these fields and explores the connections shared not just between these disciplines, but between environmental scientists and the wider public.

Our Logo

This year’s logo is courtesy of 1st Year PhD student Aidan Pierce from the London NERC DTP. See some of Aidan’s designs below:

A special thanks to everyone who made the 2021 conference fun and inclusive!

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