Info for Presenters

This year’s conference is being held in person (online option available). Expect student talks, poster sessions, Q&A’s, panel discussions, social activities and more!

Oral Presentation:

Presentations are expected to be ~10 minutes followed by a 3-5 minutes Question & Answers session.

Before the conference:

  • Check out when your presentation will take place and in which session (programme TBC).
  • Prepare your presentation slides.
  • Send your slides to in advance (deadline TBC).
  • Practice your presenting skills to make sure you are confident speaking in front of an audience (we are all friendly, but in-person presentations can still be daunting!)
  • If you are presenting online, make sure you are familiar with using Zoom.

During the conference:

  • Enter the session room at least 10 minutes before your presentation.
  • Hold your presentation.
  • Keep to time so that the conference schedule remains on-track.

After the conference:

  • We will make the slides accessible online for about one month after the conference, so be aware that you can receive questions/comments even after the conference ends.

Poster Presentation:

There are allotted poster sessions where attendees can view all the submitted posters and ask you questions about your research. This is a fun and engaging way to learn about snippets of work from across the different institutions and research areas.

Before the conference:

  • Check out the Programme to see when the poster session(s) are (TBC).
  • Prepare your poster – you have creative freedom to design a poster however you wish, but we recommend the A3 format and font size no less than 24.
  • You should print your poster in advance of the conference and bring it to the conference with you on the day (your posters will remain up for the duration of the conference, even outside of the allotted poster sessions).
  • Online users can still present an online poster. A link to an online zoom room will be posted with a specific time slot so that both online and in-person users (on their phones) are able to log on and view your poster and ask you questions about your research. More logistical information TBC.

During the poster session:

  • Stand by your poster during the poster session so that attendees can see who has completed this beautiful research!
  • Take time to enjoy the other posters too.