We are a multi-disciplinary team of PhD students from different DTPs. You can contact the conference committee via email or for more specific enquiries, feel free to email any of us directly using the contacts below.

Conference Committee:

Our Team

Sanjee Panditharatne (SSCP DTP)

Research topic: How the Earth is losing its cool: A study in support of the ESA FORUM satellite mission.


Sophie Meyjes (SSCP DTP)

Research topic: Coastal Ecosystems Under Climate Change.


Sasha Bradshaw (London NERC DTP)

Research topic: Sex, Success, and Resisting Extinction: The genetic basis and fitness effects of meiotic drive in two species of the Malaysian stalk-eyed fly.


Emma Deeks (London NERC DTP)

Research topic: Assessing Antillean manatee trophic ecology, habitat, and survival status in Northern Brazil.


Laura Risley (SCENARIO)

Research topic: Applying data assimilation to ocean-current measurements to provide better forecasts of all ocean variables. This will be in preparation for future satellite data.


Judy Xie (SSCP DTP)

Research topic: Socially equitable pathways towards net zero and the just energy transitions (such as distributional impacts on employment) using quantitative modelling techniques.


Tasha Harris (SCENARIO DTP)

Research topic: Shedding light on the DOM black box: using florescence to understand sources and microbial instream processes.


Cameron Harvey (SCENARIO DTP)

Research topic: Exploration of spaceborne GNSS reflectometry for high resolution hydrological and ice observation.


Marimel Gler (SCENARIO DTP)

Research topic: Modelling and forecasting the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) and how it is simulated in weather and climate models.


Ieuan Higgs (SCENARIO DTP)

Research topic: Complex network approach to improve marine ecosystem modelling and data assimilation